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Compass & Camp Heart Songs 

Support for Grieving Children & Teens 

According to the National Alliance for Grieving Children, 1.5 million children and teens in the United States lose a loved one each year. Most receive no support.

At Four Seasons, we know age-appropriate grief support significantly influences the well-being of the children and teens in our community.

Compass helps children and teens who have lost a loved one. Participation in the program decreases isolation, increases coping skills, and encourages connection among their peers.


When you support Compass

You help children and teens receive the grief counseling they need after losing a parent, sibling, grandparent or other loved one through programs that best fit their needs.

Camp Heart Songs


Life in Forward Transitions (LIFT) program for families with children

Individual Counseling Sessions

Pediatric Hospice Patients

Four Seasons serves hospice patients of all ages, including infants, children, and teens. While losing a loved one is always painful, pediatric patients and their families need special care.

In addition to physical care, pediatric patients and their families receive emotional and spiritual support from the time of the child’s hospice diagnosis, through end-of-life and bereavement.


Age-appropriate Grief Support

Children and teens often feel isolated in their grief and report feelings of sorrow, anger, confusion, and loneliness. 

Grief support is especially important to prevent teens from turning to negative coping strategies while grieving. Counseling and peer connections empower and encourage them to feel safe expressing their emotions, thoughts, and feelings.


Camp Heart Songs

Camp Heart Songs is a two-day overnight camp that allows children ages 6-12 to express their grief in a fun and safe environment.

Some of the activities offered at camp include:  swimming, rock wall climbing, arts and crafts, therapeutic small groups, pet therapy, and games.


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